Steering committee

Mark Algee-Hewitt
Hugh Craig (secretary 2016-2018) [contact him at]
Karina van Dalen-Oskam
Maciej Eder
Fotis Jannidis
Jan Rybicki
Christof Schöch


FoSL consists of six founding labs, each represented in the Steering Committee. These full members commit to a base level of in-kind and funded contributions. FoSL also invites associate members, with the right to participate but with a lesser commitment and consequently more limited benefits. In a given year, members might commit to

  • funding one of their members to spend a period at another lab;
  • hosting one member of another lab;
  • holding one open workshop under the FoSL banner in a specialised area, allowing for training and knowledge exchange generally;
  • supporting the work in stylometry with other means, for example providing corpora, software, tutorials etc.

Other initiatives could also come under the FoSL banner, such as specialised conferences and schemes to assist graduate students and early career researchers. FoSL is considering to hold a mailing list of interested parties and maintain a calendar of Federation activities of the current and succeeding years.

Undertakings of members

Federation members undertake to make every effort to host members of other labs; to advertise and make available to other members the workshops they organise; and to work collaboratively on applications for funding.

Criteria for membership

  • That the group has a significant (not necessarily exclusive) focus on stylometry, i.e. the computational analysis of literary texts.
  • That there is more than one stylometry practitioner in the group.
  • That the group has some official recognition within its home Institution or institutions.

Procedures for admitting new members

Groups who wish to join should write to the Secretary of FoSL, addressing the above criteria. This can be done at any time.

The Secretary will pass on applications as they are received to members. Each current member of FoSL will be invited to vote. Votes can be Yes, No, or Abstain. Silence is taken as a Yes, and the vote will remain open for 8 days. A majority of members in favour is required for a successful application.