Federation of Stylometry Labs

The Federation of Stylometry Labs (FoSL) aims to connect and inform research groups and researchers with an interest in stylometry from many different perspectives. These groups are pursuing similar specialised goals, such as the exploration of quantitative approaches to language aimed at improved and rigorous classification of texts, especially to authors, and at improved and rigorous generalisations about the style of texts. The practice is an intersection of literary studies, statistics, linguistics and computer science. Stylometry makes for a fast-moving and fluid field with strong potential for innovation – and the potential also for error, misunderstanding and duplicated effort. This website therefore provides an overview of active stylometry labs and researchers, a list of selected publications, and anything else that is considered to be of use to generate global stylometric connections.

Other aims of FoSL are to

  • support mobility schemes where a member of one centre might spend time at another centre;
  • hold workshops and hackathons and generally exchange tools, texts, methods, and tacit knowledge;
  • deepen partnerships and collaborations, facilitating co-publication and large-scale grant applications; and
  • through its formal structure, demonstrate to the institutions which host and fund the centres the availability of additional intellectual capital, broader-based technical know-how, and international connections.