Founding labs

Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing (Newcastle, Australia), was established to continue the development and application of statistical and computing tools for the analysis of (literary) texts. The Centre is based in the School of Humanities and Social Science in the Faculty of Education and Arts, University of Newcastle.

Computational Stylistics Group (Kraków/Antwerp) is a cross-institutional research team focused on computer-assisted text analysis, stylometry, authorship attribution, sentiment analysis, and the like stuff. The members of the group are based at the Institute of Polish Language (Polish Academy of Sciences), the Jagiellonian University, and the University of Antwerp.

GIAT – Interdisciplinary Text Analysis Group (Padua) is a center at the University of Padua that has the following objectives: 1. sharing information on software, corpora, relevant literature and research results; 2. promoting the dialogue among different disciplines on concrete research issues; 3. developing innovative analytical tools and integrated research methods; 4. encouraging the implementation of the know-how acquired both at university level and among institutions and enterprises.

Department of Computer Philology (Würzburg)

Riddle of Literary Quality group (Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, Amsterdam) is a research group focused on a combination of stylometry and literary sociology and is slowly extending its research topic from literary quality to a.o. translation quality and canon formation. Members of the group are at Huygens ING, the University of Amsterdam, Meertens Institute and Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf.

Stanford Literary Lab (Stanford University)

The Trier Center for Digital Humanities (Trier, Germany) has been established in 1998. The TCDH’s areas of expertise include scholarly digital editions, e-lexicography, full-text digitization, semantic enrichment of resources, research infrastructures, and quantitative text analysis. It is based at the Faculty of Language, Literature and Media of Trier University.